Our Beliefs

Our History

Jubilee Christian Church was founded by Bishop Gideon Thompson and his wife, Pastor Yvonne Thompson almost 40 years ago when they felt the call of the Lord to the New England area. Together, they went on to build a spirit filled ministry that started off as a few dozen people in the seats of the Strand Theater and is now a flourishing, international ministry based out of a converted supermarket on Blue Hill Ave. Today, Jubilee is led by Senior Pastors Matthew and Mona Thompson, a couple committed to building a ‘Church Without Walls” through preaching, teaching and service to the community. Together they oversee 3 locations; Boston, Stoughton and Worcester. 

Our Mission Statement

To establish by the authority of the Word and the anointing of the Holy Spirit “A Church without Walls” equipped and empowered believers who are reconciled to God by faith in the good news of Jesus Christ, who relate to each other in DNA groups, and who are reaching their world through discipleship.

Pastors Wil & Deborah Bullock

Campus Pastors, Jubilee Worcester

Culture Code

Mission: We exist to create atmospheres of growth and freedom for all through the power of Jesus Christ.

  • More, Together: We prioritize agreement. Agreement is the place of power

  • Honor 360: We honor up, we honor down, we honor all the way around

  • Health 360: We strive for spiritual, physical, relational, financial and emotional health

  • House of Prayer: We pray before, we pray during, we pray after. We are a praying church.

  • Activate Joy: There’s always something to laugh or smile about. We make it a point to find it.

  • Real Love: We love through the good and the bad. This is family.

  • Exceed the need: We serve wholeheartedly. We don’t just meet the need, we exceed it. Excellence is priority.

  • Clean hands, pure heart: We aim to exercise strong character and integrity in every way

  • Give Big: We can’t beat God giving, but we’ll never stop trying

  • No Limits: We dream beyond any limitation

  • Forever Growing: We are committed to growing ourselves and